The real story of the ship

The history of the Titanic is legendary. However, Musealia has sought to create an informative and educational exhibition based on the real events that took place on board. To do so, it was necessary to disentangle the real story from the myth and what people already know about the ship.

Musealia has its own expert historian, C.G. Wetterholm, who has studied the history of the ship for over 40 years and was part of the expeditions to the wreck in the 1990s.

This has allowed Musealia to trace the real story of the Titanic, hour by hour, narrating it with all its force and emotions.

A visit to the exhibition is a trip through the short life of the Titanic, from its design and construction through to the site of the wreck, four kilometres deep in the North Atlantic. It chronicles life on board the Titanic, its insides, its passengers, the collision with the iceberg, the sinking, the rescue of the survivors and the investigation committees...