The maiden voyage

The Titanic was ready to set sail from Belfast on 1 April 1912 but its departure was delayed until the following day due to bad weather. On 3 April, the ship docked in Southampton. It remained in the port for a week, taking on provisions, which included some 40 cows, 130 pigs, 150 turkeys, 35,000 eggs, 5 tonnes of vegetables, 12,000 bottles of mineral water…

At noon on 10 April 1912, the vessel was finally ready to set sail. The Titanic first called at Cherbourg in France and then Queenstown in Ireland. After taking on passengers in both cities, it was time to weigh the anchors, engage the propellers and for the ship to set out on its transatlantic journey to New York.

The first days on board were uneventful. However, despite the Titanic receiving five ice warnings on 14 April, the captain Edward Smith decided not to slow down. The ship continued its course at a speed of 21 knots.