Replicas of parts of the Titanic

To allow visitors to “feel” like they are really on board the ship, Musealia has commissioned a series of stunning replicas of its inside, based on all the available information. Only by situating visitors “inside the Titanic” could they really feel what the 2,208 passengers and crew felt.

Visitors begin their journey by entering through a replica of the main passenger entrance to the Titanic, before going on to marvel at the majestic grand staircase on the ship’s bow, contemplate the enormous watertight doors, walk through a first-class corridor, experience the luxury of a first-class cabin (and the austerity of third class), appreciate the size of one of the propellers and even touch a giant iceberg… The replicas allow visitors to feel like real passengers on the Titanic and the journey of approximately 90 minutes will allow them to understand what it really meant to be on board the ship of dreams.

Las recreaciones hacen que nuestros visitantes, durante el recorrido por la exposición (de unos 90 minutos de duración aproximada), se sientan auténticos pasajeros del TITANIC, ayudándoles a comprender lo que verdaderamente significaba viajar a bordo del «buque de los sueños».